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Rhein Terrace, Rhinehesse wine

A quarter of Germany's wine producing area lies in the region of Rhein-hesse. The area where most famous estate are found is known as the 'Rhein Terrace' and lies in the region between Worms, Dexheim and Nierstein, south of Mainz.

Closer to the river the red-soiled remarkable slopes with a rich mineral content is called 'Rhine front'. Here they grow mostly dry Rieslings. Specialties as the Dornfelder, Silvaner, Riesling and the Ortega as well as the Huxel grapes.

Fischborn Bergeshof Vineyard
For centuries the family Fischborn Bergeshof produces the best quality wines on their family owned Desheimer vineyard. The secret of wine making has been passed on from generation to generation.

Fischborn Bergeshof vineyard is located on the best land of the Rhine River area. Rich soil and the right amount of rainfall and sunshine guarantees the excellent quality grapes of the region.

Being wine engineers, the Family Fischborn Bergeshof uses only one type of grape for each type of wine. Fischborn Bergeshof believes in protecting the good family name and following their tradition by producing the best quality wines of the Desheimer Rhinehesse region while still selling their wines at competitive prices.

Fischborn Bergeshof wines are made from the best natural ingredients and are free of coloring, preservatives and added sugar.